About Us

Sensual Aesthetics is a premier cosmetic clinic in New York City providing a broad range of cosmetic treatment procedures designed to help clients look and feel great about themselves. Like many other cosmetic treatment service providers in New York, we offer our clients an avenue to transform their body within a lavish setting where they can relax and feel at home.

One thing is topmost in our heart; to help our patients achieve the greatest result!

Our team of highly professional and experienced cosmetic experts all follows our mantra,

“To provide the best experience and the highest level of patient care and quality of service.”

Since 2002, we have exclusively dedicated our practice to non-surgical cosmetic medicine and we have successfully, and helped our numerous satisfied clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Mohebban is Board Certified Physician and is enriched with years of training and practice in medical cosmetic field. Every year he has gone the extra mile to ensure how to get latest and best treatment option for our patients. We make it a point to engage in national and international plastic surgery and dermatology symposiums and conferences to ensure our goal.

For us, “What defines the perfect result is not the technical perfection, but also the ability to achieve a result that best fits the patient’s unique desires and needs.”

Our practice specializes in advanced techniques and processes, and our treatments are structured to suit our clients’ individual needs. We take pride in our quality cosmetic treatment services and we’re always ready to assist.

To know more about our services, feel free to get in touch today.

At Sensual Aesthetic, we offer individual option as well as combination face rejuvenation treatments that can help you with effective and long-lasting results for your skin aging problems. Our face rejuvenation treatments are specially designed to give you instant results without any involvement of surgeries so that you can get back to your normal life and responsibilities soon after the treatment.