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At Sensual Aesthetic, we offer individual option as well as combination face rejuvenation treatments that can help you with effective and long-lasting results for your skin aging problems. Our face rejuvenation treatments are specially designed to give you instant results without any involvement of surgeries so that you can get back to your normal life and responsibilities soon after the treatment.

Face Rejuvenation Treatments Alone or mostly in combination

Few of the many treatments given at our medical clinic for face rejuvenation includes injection of Botox, commonly used to reduce expression wrinkles on the upper Face, Fillers to correct check area and lip enhancement. We also offer IMMEDIATE LiFT treatment which is a non-surgical treatment given to pull up the loose cheek, jaw, and neck area instantly, under local anesthesia, without need for surgical face lift or plastic surgery (non-surgical Face Lift). You can also use our other services to improve skin color and texture, as we use the latest IPL (Intense Pulse Light), lasers (eMax, Fx co2, Pico Sure), High Focused Ultra sound (Ulthera), and radiofrequency technologies (Rifirm, E Matrix) at our center in New York.