PDO and PLLA Thread Lift

PDO and PLLA Thread Lift (Immediate Lift) are very effective cosmetic treatments that lift, tighten, and contour sagging skin. Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate and improve aging skin of face, neck, arm, Knee area, and Post Pregnancy lose belly. Result are close to traditional plastic surgery without the need of surgical scar, general anesthesia, or long healing time.

PDO and PLLA are a medical product which have been used in medical field over 15 years. They are safe and are absorbed naturally by the body over time. They do not create any ugly scar but stimulate natural collagen production. Therefore, skin is lift and smother.

Procedure usually takes less than one hour. Results are immediate and will improve over time. They typically may last 16 months up to 36 months.